Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas, Christmas time is here....

Time for joy and time for cheer!

I love Christmas, next to Thanksgiving it is my favorite time of year. Of course seeing the joy and delight on my little ones faces is the best thing! And this year, will be little girls first. Should be a lot of fun. Of course it won't be fun if Santa daddy and I don't get to shopping! We will do like usual and make a whirlwind shopping spree the week before Christmas! It's fun, but man are we tired when it's over.

All the kids are gearing up for the holidays and are enjoying the sights and sounds. We have been busy with our church celebrations as well. Through all the season, I never want to forget what we celebrate. Without the birth of the Christ child, our future would never have been afforded the blessings we have and will recieve. Without the Christ child, we would never have had a Redeemer to save us from our sins. Without the Christ child, there would be no hope of a heavenly home.

So with all the hustle and bustle of the season, our family wishes you all peace and joy and a Merry Christmas. Remember the baby born in a manger, is the same baby that grew to save us all.


Scrap N Happy / Lisa said...

What a beautiful smile in that photo!

Marci said...

Excellent post, adorable picture!