Monday, October 22, 2007

Blogger thoughts...

So one of my favorite scrapbook sites, The School of Scrap ( sometimes posts blog challenges for journaling. Today's was to tell about your family and what inspires me to scrap. Well that's an easy one.

I have a family of NINE, yes, I did say nine. They are all so unique and such awesome individuals. From my wonderful and loving husband, all the way down to my precious, but spoiled baby girl. I don't usually "pose" them unless it's for a holiday or family shot, but I get some great pictures of them from time to time. I started scrapbooking right before my now six year old was born. My sister in laws gave me a book with a few pages already completed, and it just grew from that. Now all of my children have books, more than one. I also have one for our family in general. I guess what I enjoy the most, other than the creative process itself, is seeing my kids (especially my youngest 3) drag around their big books and look at them. I love that when I'm gone someday (hopefully years from now) they can look at these and remember how much I loved them, and share that with their kids.

My scrapbooking led way to my stamping... and I love using it in my scrapbooks now. I also make lot's of cards, because although I love emails, there is nothing like a handwritten card. There is just something fun about getting something in the mail!

Have a great day and SCRAP or STAMP!

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Radona said...

i agree! it is so cool when the kids like to look at their books! my oldest son is not so interested, but the youngest son loves his books! love your blog!