Saturday, June 07, 2008

Long time huh???

Sorry about that. Life in general has been crazy!

School is out for summer!!!! Yeah, except now that means writing lesson plans for next year! And I will have a FRESHMAN! Oh wow... that makes me feel really old, well till I look down at my sweet almost 2 year olds face, then I don't feel so old!

Some of the kids are going to camp this year. Mac is going this week. Caden is going in two weeks, will be his FIRST time, I think mom's more worried than him! But thankfully his big sis, Sheila is going as a counselor, so I know she will watch out for him. Wow, can't believe time goes by so fast.

Everyone else is busy doing this and that for the summer. Work for Dana is good, thank the Lord for that! I am still scrapping and stamping, just haven't had much time the past few weeks, but I got to get going. I have some orders to fill for cards! (yeah!)

Will post something soon!

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