Monday, May 10, 2010

Mom to Seven and So Blessed.

Anyway… Sunday morning the kids got up before me and made cinnamon rolls and coffee!  And each one of them that was home came in with a bag in hand… (Shawn and Amy’s were given to me by the little ones too.)  Each child picked out a figurine that represented them.  I love each one… and they do fit them perfectly.  In the photo going left to right is Sheila – the more mature of the girls, Shawn – pointy chin and bigger ears (always our joke with him), Macaylin – with her new kitten, the tall one in the center is “me” (Dana bought it) then Amy – she sits like that all the time at home, Caden – if you have ever had him “pose” he always has his knee up.. it’s his “stud” look, Caleb – “Indian” style with his hands in his lap, and in the very front Cayla – my little “prissy-girlie" one!  Oh I just love each one.  It was such a wonderful gift! 

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