Sunday, November 05, 2006

Starting New...

I originally began this blog almost a year ago. Life got really busy and I forgot all about it. Since then there have been many changes, the biggest which is our new baby girl. This week she will turn 3 monts old. She is the love of our life, and being number seven didn't change how precious and awesome she is. Her two older, but youngest siblings love her to death! And she greets them evry day with a smile.

Now that school is began and I have a few quiet hours while the kids are working on school work, and baby girl is napping, I have been back to scrapping and stamping. I am so glad I've found one of my new favortie places The School of Scrap, because the challenges and school rooms have gotten me out of my funk and into creating memories for my family again. Come visit and see if you want to go back to school too!

More soon!

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